Dear friends,

We are thrilled to welcome you to Hunter + Boo, our modern, ethical and stylish baby and children’s wear label launching in Singapore.

My sister Sarah and I are so happy and humbled to have the opportunity to integrate our love of nature, art and style in a brand that helps to improve the lives of those who produce our collection. 

The launch of Hunter + Boo is the product of our far-flung dream to create truly beautiful products that have a positive impact on all aspects of our supply chain, yet are a far cry from more traditional ‘eco product’ styling.

From Dream to Opportunity
Sarah’s journey as a Buyer for leading high-street brands in London allowed her to develop her love of gorgeous products with the world of fashion.  As her experience deepened, she became increasingly interested in the mechanics of the fashion supply chain - the complex sequence involved in bringing clothing from concept to customer.

Meanwhile in Singapore, I stepped into motherhood with the birth of twin babies – my son Hunter and my daughter Isabella (who we call Bella Boo).  Their arrival was a huge personal trigger for me to make fundamental choices about the kind of world I wanted for my children; safe, clean, respectful and sustainable. I started with buying ethically produced, organic products for the babies, but was disappointed with the limited choices available in Singapore.  Clothing and care products were uninspiring, and did nothing to mirror the joyful personalities of the twins.

After much research, development and hard work, the opportunity finally presented the perfect creative channel through which Sarah and I could finally realise our dream! The result is the launch of Hunter + Boo, our brand of playful, cool, ethically made 100% organic cotton clothing for kids.

Love to share more about our journey in our next blog. Please follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook for updates.

With love and gratitude,

Beth & Sarah

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