Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and all major credit cards through our secure Stripe payment gateway.

What’s the currency used in your prices?

All our prices are in GBP (£ Pounds Sterling). If you’re placing an order within Europe, you can select to checkout in EUR (€ Euros). For any other currencies for international orders, our currency converter will give you an indication of the approximate cost in your local currency.

Can you tell me about your privacy policy and how my data will be used?

We are very mindful of your privacy, which we will do everything we can to protect. We comply with all UK privacy laws and welcome you to review these here.

What sizing standard do you use for your products?

All our clothing is sized using the UK standard, and you’ll find our size chart below:

Size Chart
Age (Months) 0-3m 3-6m 6-12m 12-24m 2-3y 3-4y 4-5y
Height 62cm 68cm 80cm 92cm 98cm 104cm 110cm
24.5" 26.7" 31.5" 36.2" 38.5" 40.9" 43.4"
Chest 43.5cm 46cm 50cm 52cm 53.5cm 55.5cm 58cm
17.1" 18.1" 19.7" 20.5" 21.0" 22.0" 23.0"
Waist 40.5cm 42.5cm 45cm 49cm 51cm 52cm 53cm
16" 16.7" 17.7" 19.2" 20.0" 20.5" 21.0"
Hip 42.5cm 46cm 50cm 53cm 55cm 58cm 60cm
16.7" 18.1" 19.7" 21.1" 21.7" 23.0" 23.6"

We’re conscious that babies grow extremely quickly, so we’ve designed each garment generously to allow for growth.

Can I order as a gift and have it delivered directly to the recipient?

Absolutely! We know how lovely it is to receive a gorgeously gift-wrapped box, so we are delighted to offer this service. We’ll even hand-write a card in your name to ensure your personal touch. Please just email us at quoting your order reference number to make a gift wrapping request.  

What if I need to cancel my order?

No problem. As long as your item hasn’t been shipped, we are happy to arrange a cancellation. Please drop us a note at as soon as you know you no longer wish to proceed and we’ll do our best to help.