Hunter + Boo T-Shirt - Shibori Blue

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No babyäó»s wardrobe is complete without gorgeous, soft t-shirts.Œæ Like our leggings, theyäó»re another hard working staple that look beautiful paired with just about anything.Œæ Weäó»ve enhanced the classic shape with interesting details including side vents and stepped hems for an added touch of style.ŒæŒæ Our signature prints will bring the trusty baby äóìTäó� to a new level of cool and jazz up even the simplest bottoms, while our marls are the perfect match for both prints or solids.

Made with the buttery-soft 100% organic cotton, this stylish staple is designed for movement and comfort.Œæ We know babies are no fans of having to get changed when thereäó»s a world of excitement waiting, so weäó»ve ensured our t-shirt is äóÖeasy-on-and-off-ableäó», with comfy popper fasteners at the shoulder.

Weäó»ve even thought about our label, which is screen-printed directly onto the fabric to avoid anything irritating or scratching delicate skin.

And finally, we know just how quickly babies grow, so weäó»ve ensured you wonäó»t be passing on your romper too quickly äóñ thereäó»s plenty of room for growth!

Inspired by Japanese traditional resist dying techniques,ξourξminimalistξShiboriξprint has a geometric, modern feel with a fresh vibrantξshade of indigo blueξsetξagainst a crisp white background.

Care: Machine wash cool, reshape whilst wet and if youäó»re ironing this garment, use a cool iron. We recommend you donäó»t tumble dry.

100% Organic cotton
Eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes
Made with care for the environment and for our workers in Sri Lanka

Sizing and measurements: We want to ensure your baby gets to enjoy these t-shirts for as long as possible, so weäó»ve designed them to allow for growth.

Size Chart
Age (Months) 0-3m 3-6m 6-12m 12-24m 2-3y 3-4y 4-5y
Height 62cm 68cm 80cm 92cm 98cm 104cm 110cm
24.5" 26.7" 31.5" 36.2" 38.5" 40.9" 43.4"
Chest 43.5cm 46cm 50cm 52cm 53.5cm 55.5cm 58cm
17.1" 18.1" 19.7" 20.5" 21.0" 22.0" 23.0"
Waist 40.5cm 42.5cm 45cm 49cm 51cm 52cm 53cm
16" 16.7" 17.7" 19.2" 20.0" 20.5" 21.0"
Hip 42.5cm 46cm 50cm 53cm 55cm 58cm 60cm
16.7" 18.1" 19.7" 21.1" 21.7" 23.0" 23.6"

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