Our SS19 Easter Collection features two NEW minimalist colour ways in our classic shapes.

Shibori Blue: Inspired by Japanese traditional resist dying techniques, our minimalist Shibori print has a geometric, modern feel with a fresh vibrant shade of indigo blue set against a crisp white background.

Soft Black: We love black for our own wardrobes, and want it for our kids too!  Chic and comfortable, this simple Soft Black unisex look can be worn with anything and is forever timeless. 


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Hunter + Boo T-Shirt Dress - Shibori Blue
Hunter + Boo T-Shirt Dress - Soft Black
Hunter + Boo Jumpsuit - Shibori Blue
Hunter + Boo Jumpsuit - Soft Black
Hunter + Boo Vest - Shibori Blue
Hunter + Boo Vest - Soft Black
Hunter + Boo T-Shirt - Shibori Blue
Hunter + Boo T-Shirt - Soft Black
Hunter + Boo Shorts - Shibori Blue
Hunter + Boo Shorts - Soft Black
Hunter + Boo Leggings - Shibori Blue
Hunter + Boo Leggings - Soft Black
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