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It's fair to say that after this interview, we have a total #MumCrush on Super Mum, Kristen, Founder of Aussie skincare brand, BasiK Organics.  

BasiK Organics is one of the amazing brands that we are proud to stock on our website, if you haven't checked them out yet, what are you waiting for?!

Like many mumpreneurs, it wasn't until Kristen had her first baby that she found her passion! Making truly organic skincare products that worked, + were also totally safe for little ones to use as well.  

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In the meantime, check out the full article below where we talk everything from how being diagnosed with arthritis has been a blessing in disguise; you can do anything, but not everything; inspiring advice for mumpreneurs; what's next in the pipeline for BasiK Organics and more...

How do mornings look in your household?

Mornings are usually much like other households with kids. Hectic!

This year brings the start of school for my eldest son, the start of three-year-old kinder for my youngest, and the birth of our newest addition in July, so our routine will be changing, but mornings usually involve me attempting to get up before the kids to get myself sorted so that once they’re up I can focus on getting them ready for the day.

My kids are good eaters (they eat allll day long!) so they’re ready for breakfast as soon as they get up.  This usually consists of an oat + fruit smoothie. We’re usually then dressed and out of the house and at the park to run some energy off first thing. I usually get the bulk of my work done in the afternoon and at night.  

What's your daily uniform?

One of the best parts of working from home is the uniform - or lack of it! Most days you’ll usually find me throwing on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and some runners or sandals. This takes me from kinder drop-off, to the park, to running errands and getting stuck into emails or other work at home.

What is your favourite green brand

For babies and little ones I love brands like Purebaby, Nature Baby and Hunter+Boo, of course!  

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I’ve taken many different roads in my career, from nursing to advertising, marketing to jewellery design, naturopathy to event management. It was only when I became a mother at 31 that I found my true passion. I love running my own business and I feel truly blessed to be doing what I’m doing. I can’t imagine doing anything else!  

Which females inspire you?

There are so many inspiring women that I look up to. First and foremost is my mother, who raised five kids and who taught me to follow my dreams and that I could achieve anything I set my mind to.

In the business world I look up to people like Zoe Foster Blake (Author, creator of Go-To Skin Care and all around hilarious woman!) and Aimee Marks (creator of TOM organic and Tooshies by TOM).

What is your philosophy on motherhood?

I’m definitely not a helicopter parent. Having two energetic, adventurous boys has meant I have to let go of the reins a little and let them explore and learn independently.

I am however big on routine and I think that has led to me not only being able to run a successful business from home, but have kids that are great sleepers.

My husband and I make sure we’re always on the same page when it comes to parenting and this has been a godsend as we always have each others backs.

Where is your fave place in the world?

My bed!

Or the beach. I adore the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. It always makes me feel at peace and grounded.

What inspired you to launch BasiK Organics?

Becoming a mother! I had been making my own skin care products for some time, but after the birth of my eldest son, almost six years ago, I realised there was a serious lack of ‘truly organic’ products on the market. And so I decided to make my own.  

Months and months of research and failed attempts led to a range of amazing products that were not only totally safe to use on my baby, but super effective too!

Once I realised just how amazing they were I decided to take the next step in making this into a business. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Has the natural beauty industry changed since you started out?

Absolutely! Six years ago there was a massive gap in the Australian-made organic baby skin care market. There were ‘natural’ products out there, but very limited organic products. It’s wonderful to see just how far we have come and just how much more educated we as consumers are becoming.

What is your career highlight so far?

I’ve had a number, but one of the biggest highlights for me so far was being selected amongst hundreds of entrants to become a finalist in a small business logistics grant. I was flown to Sydney for the awards and met some amazing, inspiring women in business (yes, all of us were women - go girls!).

Congratulations, what an achievement! So what was your life like pre-baby and how has it changed since?

So very different! I was working full-time in a corporate job that was totally unfulfilling. I ate poorly and didn’t value my health. After my kids came along I realised just how important not only their health was, but mine also.

Unfortunately this reality check came in the form of a chronic disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis) that I was diagnosed with just over three years ago, after the birth of my second son. I learned to heal myself, that putting myself first sometimes wasn’t such a bad thing, and that I had the drive and determination to do anything I set my mind to.  

In a strange way it has been a blessing in disguise. I am now so much healthier and happier than I was before. I am busier than ever, but more satisfied and fulfilled than I’ve ever been. I have realised just how much becoming a mother can change you, and how I would move heaven and earth for my children!

Any tips for us working mums on juggling career and motherhood?

My favourite quote when it comes to this topic would have to be:

‘You can do anything, but not everything’.

This took me some time to realise and accept. Being a typical Type A personality, I wanted to do it all. But I re alised it simply isn’t possible.

Be kind to yourself. Take the time to do what you love.

Book in a massage, go for a long walk, learn to meditate, go for a coffee with your girlfriend. Whatever you need to recharge and regroup. If we try to do everything more often than not something gives, and in my case (and many other mother’s cases) it was my health.

Wise words! So what is the best piece of advice you were given as a start-up mumpreneur?

Never give up. Seriously. It sounds cliché and like it’s straight off the front of a ‘small business 101’ book, but starting your own business isn’t easy. It’s damn hard. Very few businesses succeed from day one. The important thing is to keep going. You will get breaks along the way, and you will have set backs, but the important thing is to never lose sight of why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

What’s next or in the pipeline for BasiK?

We have a couple of new products in development that we’re hoping to release this year and we hope to expand our stockists to make it even easier for families to get their hands on our products. 

We can't wait to see what's coming! So what's been your proudest moment as a parent to date?

That’s a hard one! Both my boys amaze me each and every day. While they can be a handful, they’re two of the most caring, loving kids I know.

My eldest is already reading fluently and hasn’t even started school yet. I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that he’s going to outsmart me by the time he hits double figures!  

My youngest is the most affectionate, loving boy I know. He constantly kisses my pregnant belly and tells the baby how much he loves it. The best!

And any funny parenting story to share?

In the midst of toilet training my youngest, he decided that he needed to go to the toilet in the middle of a packed playground so he promptly pulled his pants down around his ankles. Thankfully I was next to him to whisk him away before he went any further, and was met with many understanding laughs from other parents.

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