Last week, we caught up with Jean Lum - Founder of Little Happy Puffs, Baby Scene Creator over on @itsjeanlum and full time Super-Mum to two gorgeous boys.

After much scrolling on Jean's creative Instagram feed, where her babies are styled, posed and then snapped (all while fast asleep!), we reached out to Jean to invite her to our launch party.  We instantly clicked - working mamas who want to shop small and smart whilst leaving as light a footprint on the environment as possible.  And since then, we've been lucky enough to have our collection brought to life on her Instagram. 

We caught up with Jean and chatted about the inspiration behind her photos, using A.I. to help keep an eye on the mischievous ones and how to hide your husbands farts - yes, really!! 

Read the full interview below, and don't forget to follow Jean here.  

How do mornings look in your household?

It’s quite a mess, Legos and Trains under my blanket.  Milk bottles left in the sink.  Diaper butt under our nose, arms are numbed with the baby’s head resting but still we love our co-sleeping moments.  I’ll rather stay in the bed for another 15 minutes then spending time to clean the mess first.  

What's your mum uniform?

Cotton tee, shorts & nursing pads!

What is your Kids' style?

That will be minimal!  Simple and easy to match, because whenever we need to head out, we probably just grab anything in the wardrobe in order to be punctual!

What is your favourite eco brand?  

Mine’s gotta be TOMS, doing good for the environment & humanity at the same time.  And I can see that this is the vision for Hunter + Boo too!  Our little planet need more of you guys!

Aw thanks!  We just love how you style your photographs.  What is your inspiration and the creative process behind your Instagram feed?

Kids are real, they are my inspiration, to capture their moments as their real self.  They grow up too fast, and I don't want to live in regret by not documenting their milestones and snippets of their life.  I enjoy taking pictures of them and working with black and white; I usually use what's around me as props or sometimes, I use handmade props to add in the fun!  I seek minimalism and simplicity - both in my work and life.  When I choose minimalism, my heart can focus on the most important things - my well-being and that of my family.  That explains my Instagram feed, they have taken over my account!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a Barista, I’m gonna make a Mama’s coffee that is stronger than my toddler!

Which female inspires you?

My mum, she brought us (4 of us) up single-handed and is always supportive in all the things we want to do.

What is your philosophy on motherhood?

Carpe Diem every moment.  Enjoy yourself while you have the chance.

I only learned this after my second born, I don’t have to get upset over spilled milk, there are still many bottles in the fridge. When my elder splash water all over me while I bathe him, we have a war on water guns.  I don’t need Google’s advice to avoid caffeine while breastfeeding, I’ll just drink a little cup of coffee when I need to and I want to.  Every day, every moment, we can choose to be happier moms.

Where is your fave place in the world?

Singapore, this is where I grew up. I have so much wonderful memories here and I hope my kids like it here too!

What do you love most about your work?

I’ve hidden my cape, my job is being a SuperMom and I love every bit of it.  From saving a bowl of cereals from falling to the floor to having broken nails from cushioning the toddler from a fall and to make milk!  I just love multi-tasking and learnt how strong a mom can be, everyday.

You really do have special powers!  So how do you overcome little fussy eaters at the dinner table?

I bought this crispy fried silverfish in a tin, whenever he fuss over his meals, I'll add a little as topping for flavour.

What's been your proudest moment as a parent to date?

Waking up every day to see 2 amazing humans we’ve made!

And any funny parenting story to share?

You can put the blame on your baby if your husband farts in front of your friends.  Cover it well by smelling the baby’s bottom.

Such a great tip we must remember that one!  And lastly, what's your favourite baby gadget which you could not live without?

I have a Robot baby monitor where I can control using my phone.  When the kids nap, I can do my stuffs and turn on the app to monitor them.  When the elder is up to something mischievous like throwing things, while I’m not in the room with them, I’ll talk through the robot to tell him what not to do.  


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