Where It All Started

Growing up in the picturesque British countryside of the Isle of Wight, enterprising young sisters Beth & Sarah always dreamed of working together but families and careers beckoned them in different directions. Sarah focused her talents on London’s fast-moving fashion world whilst Beth’s path led her to Singapore at the heart of corporate Asia, but neither time nor distance eroded their long-held ambition to create something beautiful and meaningful together.

In London, Sarah developed a passion for beautiful products, working as a Buyer for leading high-street fashion brands. Throughout her career she has taken a particular interest in the supply chain - the sequence of processes and locations involved in bringing products to market; she is particularly encouraged by the strides made in the fashion industry towards making a positive impact on the lives of those involved in the supply chain. Drawing on her insights and hands-on experience, Sarah ensures Hunter + Boo strikes a balance in producing cool, affordable and ethically made clothing.

Meanwhile in Singapore, Beth’s step into motherhood with the birth of her twin babies was a personal trigger to make some fundamental choices about the kind of world she wanted for her children to grow up in. Wanting to pass on positive influences, one mindful step was to buy ethically produced, organic products for her babies. Despite her best efforts, she quickly discovered that options in Singapore were disappointing with a limited selection of dull and uninspiring ‘eco-friendly’ basics - none of which reflected the fun and joy of the two tiny lives gifted to her in motherhood.

And so, the long-awaited opportunity for Beth and Sarah to bring their creative and personal passions together unfolded with the launch of Hunter + Boo, a brand of beautiful, playful, ethically made organic clothing for children. Read more...

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