Social Responsibility

Hunter + Boo is a young label but has set out from the beginning to be a brand of action by building the business on a set of firm ethical foundations. This is reflected through the entire supply chain from the moment fabrics have been chosen. Each and every step on the journey to the customer is mindfully planned to ensure a positive, long-lasting footprint is left on natural and human resources, both of which are so integral to each product sold.

Our People and Places
Hunter + Boo proactively seeks out and helps preserve artisan craftsmanship by providing local Sri Lankan communities with a broader market to showcase and sell their traditional products like baskets, cushions and teddy bears.  This protects the time-honoured craft heritage and adds to the local economy.

Animals are an integral part of Sri Lankan community life, and Hunter + Boo embraces this fact by not using animal products throughout the manufacturing process. The skincare ranges available at Hunter + Boo share the same values; animals are not used in any product testing.

Hunter + Boo has selected a manufacturing partner who shares their values.  Their partner carries the Garments Without Guilt (GWG), accreditation which is the highest Sri Lankan best-practice standard; this benchmark ensures that all products are made with integrity and respect by adhering to strict ethical and sustainability principles.  The manufacturing team exceeds the award requirements by providing additional benefits to employees such as annual and performance bonus plans, subsidised meals and company days which ensures the standard of living of employees is in-line with Sarah and Beth’s personal ethos.  These policies contribute to improving the quality of life for the men and women who produce their garments whilst contributing to the continued economic development of Sri Lanka.

Our Environment
Hunter + Boo also holds its manufacturing partner to the same high standards when it comes to matters relating to the environment.  Their partner is subject to regular independent audits to ensure consistent alignment with leading global accreditations in ethical and sustainable practices including the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  This is the world’s leading processing standard which defines globally recognised requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecology, environmental and labour conditions in textile manufacturing, using organically produced raw materials.

Carrying the GOTS accreditation means the products have satisfied all the requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from harvesting raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, providing credible assurance to the end customer.

The Standard 100 – OEKO Tex 100 is a globally consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw and finished textile products.  Hunter + Boo’s supplier was awarded OEKO Tex 100 certification which relates to the dyes used in garment fabrics.  The dyes are recognised as environmentally safe and eco-friendly which means they are low impact for the environment and safe for use on babies’ sensitive skin.

Being accountable to the highest standards is a way for Hunter + Boo to continuously learn and improve.  Participating in regular, independent audit processes like GWG, GOTS and OEKO Tex 100 is an honest and transparent route to delivering on the vision set by Beth and Sarah - to bring customers modern, stylish and ethical baby and children’s wear label that has a positive impact on the world.

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