Our Team in Sri Lanka

Beth and Sarah needed little convincing that Sri Lanka was the manufacturing location that best aligned with the ethical and environmental values sitting at the heart of the Hunter + Boo label.  Sri Lanka exceeded their extensive location criteria, which was based on labour rights, factory safety, ethical sourcing and sustainable development.  These values are crucial aspects of the business, values that also underpin Sri Lanka’s recognition for taking what is often referred to as a “conscientious standpoint in apparel production”.

Hunter + Boo’s clothing is produced in a small factory which employs men and women who work in a safe, respectful environment and who are paid a proper wage for everything they do.  No children are employed in the manufacturing process, either directly or indirectly.

Beth and Sarah are regular visitors, which allows them to engage in every aspect of the production process and to build tight-knit relationships with the individuals and communities who form their team on the ground. Read more...

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