When we stumbled upon Shell's Instagram (Shell and the Littlies) last year, we most definitely got sucked into that Insta vortex of scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and... you get the idea!

After much said Insta stalking, we invited Shell to come and preview our new collection at MINI MODE. We were so excited to meet and introduce this stylish Mumma to our new collection, talking all things from fashion and philosophy on motherhood, to proud parent moments and morning routines.

Read the full interview, below.

How do mornings look in your household?

Well now Rocco’s at school mornings are quite a rush! I try to be organised and make batches of my super fruity protein porridge in advance so they’re ready to go and can be warmed up so they have a good start to the day! 

You are one stylish Mumma, what's your fave piece in your wardrobe?

Ohhh that’s a hard one I have so many pieces I love! I love my oversized denim jacket which I’ve customised with pin badges and iron on patches as it’s unique and it goes with everything!

And who's your style icon?

I don’t think I have one particular person. I like to take inspiration from lots of different places, my mother and sister have great style and I like making my own style from inspiration I’ve seen from other ladies on social media and mixing new and old trends. I’ve never been one to comfort or follow I like to be a bit different and unique.

What is your kids' style?

We definitely like to have fun with fashion! We like mixing fun prints and they like bright colours. Anyone who knows me knows my two Littlies are always super stylish! I just love choosing fun clothes for them more than for myself! It’s great now they’re a bit older they like to choose clothes too and Valli is often very opinionated about what she wants to wear!

What is your favourite eco brand?  

Children’s fashion has come such a long way and these days there are so many fab eco brands. We love brands such as Tootsa MacGinty, Stella Kids, Bobo Choses and have found this great New Zealand sock brand that sell the cutest merino wool socks called Lamington that we love. We love a lot of brands from the Green Collective Group and of course Hunter + Boo! I love your prints and the Littlies are always super comfortable in your clothes! 

Hunter+Boo Super Mum Blog Post Shell and the little

Thank you so much! So what did you want to be when you grew up?

A Fashion Designer! There’s still time right? I still have a sketch book with a clothing line I designed from when I was about 12/13yrs old! I even designed a logo and had a brand name! It’s not a very good one but it was obvious from a young age I loved fashion and clothes!

It's never too late! And which female inspires you?

It maybe quite a cliche answer but my parents inspire me more than anyone. My Mom is the rock of our family and always positive even during tough times. 

She’s the kindest person I know. My parents cared for my Nan who lived with them for five years suffering severe dementia. What they did for my Nan was truly selfless and incredible.  I will always be in awe of what they gave up for her with very little help and support.

They are hard working, honest and always go out of there way for others qualities I try to take with me too.

What is your philosophy on motherhood?

I’ve definitely learnt so much from both of my children. When you have your first you think with the second you know what you’re doing but I was wrong! Valli was completely different to Rocco in every way and I have become a different mother because of her. I’m definitely a lot more laid back and trust my instincts more. As a first time Mum I found comfort in reading all the books and trying to learn what to do when in fact if you just listen to your baby and their needs that’s all you need to do! 

Where is your fave place in the world?

Our happy place is our beach in Cornwall. We’ve made so many memories before and with the littlies. We are our happiest there whether it be summer beach days or winter beach walks all stresses disappear when we are there!

What's been your proudest moment as a parent to date?

Oh wow I don’t think I have just one! Being a Mommy makes me proud everyday! Proud I gave birth naturally with barely any and no pain relief at all with Valli. Breastfeeding both of them until they self weaned well I’m still waiting for Valli to give up feeding! I’m proud of coming this far on so little sleep. Valli is 2.5yrs and still wakes every hour or two and we co-sleep with her feeding most of the night. Proud of seeing them grow and develop...Rocco astounds me everyday with his knowledge and Valli is such a character! One thing that makes me most proud is watching them together having fun, playing and listening in when they don’t know on the conversations they cute! 

What have your kids taught you?

My kids have taught me so much. One thing I love is how they always wake up everyday happy and excited for what the day is about to bring! They’ve taught me to let go, take each day and I love having kids to relive a little bit of childhood myself again!

And any funny parenting story to share?

I think everyday there’s something! There’s never a day they don’t make me laugh! Obviously parenting is tough too and some days are hard work but even when I’m struggling they always have a way of making me smile! 

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