Super Mum: Sally Giblin from Pure Bundle

Super Mum: Sally Giblin from Pure Bundle

Super Mum: Sally Giblin from Pure Bundle

Did you know kids go through seven sizes of clothing in their first two years alone?!

In our latest Super Mum series we chat with Sally Giblin, Co-founder and CEO of Pure Bundle, a London based startup that’s disrupting children’s fashion. We were excited to learn more about her mission to make fashion circular and what led to the launch of her sustainable fashion platform. 

The former Fashion Buyer and Management Consultant talks us through her own sustainable fashion journey, how parents can simplify their lives with a capsule wardrobe and the importance of raising Little Eco Warriors.

Read on for the full interview including a link to Sally's FREE downloadable guide on how you can create a capsule wardrobe for your own little ones. 

How do mornings look in your household?

I love getting up early...I find it’s the only way to get some time for me. And I’m a much nicer human if I do it. My husband will vouch for that 🤣

I take my dog for a run or do an online workout, then do some gratitude & visualisation. Then coffee!!

True to #mumlife, my 4 year old usually walks in mid routine...

What's your daily uniform? 

Depends what I’m doing... I’m all about capsules wardrobes. Which is basically having a collection of items you love. Items that fit your life, your style, your body.

The last year has been a little different, that’s for sure. I pretty much flip between activewear and making an effort to dress up...with not so many places to go…🤣
Who is your favourite eco brand?  

I love Vestiaire Collective. Last year - when I found myself in my first London winter with a beachy Sydney wardrobe - I found the most amazing pieces to re-love.
What did you want to be when you grew up?

I really didn’t know! I’ve always wanted to do something with a positive impact...but it took me a while to find my thing.
Which females inspire you?

Kamela Harris, for the ceilings she’s shattering.
Ellen Macarthur, for her commitment to make things circular.
Greta Thunberg, for all the attention she’s bringing to climate change.
We love the concept of Pure Bundle, please can you tell us about it and how you got started? 

Did you know that babies can go through seven sizes in their first two years?! When my son was born, I spent so much time finding, sorting, donating clothes...every time he grew.
Alongside this, fashion production and consumption is spiralling out of control. We now have enough clothes on the planet for six generations.
Pure Bundle is an award winning new way to dress your child. That helps you fight the clutter, the waste, and the endless expense.
You can choose from collections of pristine preloved & past season clothes, curated by stylists. Each ‘capsule’ is one of a kind, with mix and match outfits from quality brands. Plus you can send your loved items back to us for cash, store credit or a donation to Little Village. We currently offer our ‘re-love’ capsules in sizes 0 - 3 years.
Do you have any top tips for parents looking to shop a more sustainable wardrobe for their kids?
Yes, loads! But I’ll limit myself to 3 :)

1. Capsule wardrobes. Essentially, it's a small collection of clothes you ❤️ that easily mix and match together. But the real beauty of capsules?

✨ They save you time
✨ They save you money
✨ They save you space
✨ You create more outfits with less clothes
✨ You're doing something good for the planet
What's not to love? We have a FREE guide on creating capsule wardrobes for your little one which you can download here.

2. Re-love. There are 183 million baby clothes items stashed away in people’s homes in the UK. You can find the most amazing pieces for a fraction of the price of new!

3. If you’re buying new, buy planet friendly brands. Like the fabulous Hunter + Boo ❤️

Thank you so much! And what do you love most about your work?
First, our fabulous community of parents. Second, the impact we’re all making to fight fashion waste. Third, the huge potential of resale to make fashion better. Resale is predicted to outsize fast fashion by 2029.
What advice would you give to a potential mumpreneur who is looking to start her own business?
Find people to inspire you, support you, collaborate with you.
Podcasts are a fabulous way to have brilliant business builders in your pocket. Accelerators are an amazing way to boost your knowledge, progress and connections. And founder networks are a great source of info, collaboration and support.
What are you working on now and what’s in the pipeline for the future?
My CoFounder Thais and I are building an incredible new capsule wardrobe experience for parents. We’re starting to test this with some of our community, which is super exciting.
We’re also looking to add bigger sizes to our Loved Again Collection, plus more past season stock from planet friendly brands. We just partnered with Kite Clothing on this.
I’ll also be sharing more about raising eco kids. I just wrote a piece in The Grace Tales about why we all need to be raising eco kids and spoke at It’s Time: A Festival Of Climate Action about how to raise little eco heroes.
What is your philosophy on motherhood? 
Go with the flow. It’s all a phase - the amazing bits and the not so amazing bits. Raise kind, resilient little eco heroes.
What's been your proudest moment as a parent to date?

My son starting Reception last year...he’s a little ray of sunshine.
And any funny parenting story to share?
When I asked my 4 year old son what we celebrate, he said “We pretend we’re going on holidays!”. Geezus. That’s 2021 for you 😝 


You can connect with Sally on Instagram here or visit the Pure Bundle website

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