Faz Gaffa-Marsh: a writer, an editor, blogger at The Brown Girls Guide, conspirator @theokaymomsclub AND a Super Mum to #BabyBrownie - is there anything this woman can't do!?

Faz has been writing for travel, beauty and lifestyle publications all over the world for 11 years, including sites like, A Practical Wedding, Bustle, Buzzfeed and now, the Hunter+Boo Super Mum Blog.

We talk chaotic mornings, clean beauty, career highlights and going viral. From wanting to be a strawberry (yes, you read that right) to perusing as a digital content creator. Read the full interview, below! 

How do mornings look in your household?

Absolute chaos — and it starts early. I get up at 5am to squeeze in a workout and hope that I close my exercise ring on my Apple Watch before baby wakes up.
What's your daily uniform/mum uniform?
Athleisure all day, every day — although I am making an effort to put on more than just Outdoor Voices leggings everyday.
We’ve noticed that you are into your clean beauty, what brought about your interest in this?
My baby actually — if I’m feeding him organic and slathering clean products on his body, why am I not doing the same for mine? I suffered from eczema for years and cleaning up my diet has helped it lots, so it was natural that my inclination to cleaning up aspects of my life gravitated towards clean beauty. I’m nowhere close to being an expert, but I’m enjoying the learning process!
So where are your go-to places to source green products?
I loved The Detox Market when we lived in LA, and I’m constantly stalking their Instagram for new brands, ideas and inspiration.
Ohh we will check them out! And who is your favourite green brands?  
I can’t choose one! For beauty – Soveral, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare and Vintner’s Daughter, for fashion – Reformation, Outdoor Voices and Hunter+Boo, obvy!
Yay thank you! What did you want to be when you grew up?
According to my earliest essay at five, which my mum kept, I wanted to be a strawberry. But growing up, I had so many things I wanted to be — a literature teacher, a wardrobe stylist. I didn’t actually know I wanted to be a writer until I interned for a magazine when I was 17 and fell in love.
Which female inspires you?
More than ever now, my Mother! How she ran a tight ship and kept to her obsessive compulsive cleaning ways and giving us the very best is beyond me. My child is lucky if I’m half the woman my Mom is!
Where is your fave place in the world?
In an American strip mall with Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and DSW all in one row. Hahaha… But in all honestly, these days, it’s in bed with a book! Funny how little things become such luxuries when you become a mom, huh?
What is your career highlight so far?
I wrote about being a dark-skinned person in Singapore a while ago for a US publication and the piece went viral. It was important for me because while there were many people who claimed it was all bullshit, there were so many more who could relate to my experience. People who once felt alone, no longer did. 
And what do you love most about your work?
It’s more than a little hedonistic but I like to think the words I put out there somehow immortalizes me. What are creatives if not self-indulgent people, right?
What was your life like pre-baby and how has it changed since?
My time and schedule weren’t determined by a pint-sized dictator who puts me on an emotional rollercoaster everyday. I spent a lot more time working out, reading, and juggling more projects — and that has changed so much since. I haven’t gotten a pedicure in over a year and I’m still waiting on that…
What is your philosophy on motherhood?
I’m a free spirit who enjoys some structure, so my take on motherhood is just that — a bit of routine, a bit free play and whole lotta room to grow. I’m sure it will change and develop as my baby grows older.
What's been your proudest moment as a parent to date?
I am the annoying parent who would applaud my child every time he blinks if I could! But seriously, just as I go to bed one day thinking about how proud I am of him, he blows me away the following day with something even bigger the next.
And any funny parenting story to share?
My whole life is funny in my opinion. Gotta do what we can and laugh when we can to keep it going, right?

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